Our philosophy : quality and tradition

Paolo Angeletti Gold Srl has been founded at the end of 2008 by the son of one of the Fabbriche Riunite Metalli owners , with the goal of not loosing the tradition and know how of the production of beaten metal leaves , that the family started in 1920.

Joined by a small group of assistants Mattia Angeletti recovered part of the FRM machinery and slowly started to produce the same group of products that where once coming out of the old company lines.

Today Paolo Angeletti Gold Srl is able to offer you the same products that you where buying in the past and also new articles helping you to better comply with the ancient gilding technology.


In this web site you will find a description of what we can offer you , but we would be glad to be able to give you further details.

Please call us at +39 02 94435221 or send us a mail at info@angelettigold.com .